So no one told me it would be this hard! That some days I would be running on 3 or 4 hours sleep and that the only time I would actually sleep through would be when I was in hospital delivering the next one! That babies and children are addictive in their loveliness – bit like tattoos but far more painful and once u have one you want more and more! That my boobs would not be my own for going on seven years now and in no way represent the pertness of my past along with bad back, varicose veins and the inevitable mummy tummy. That my relationship with my husband would alter beyond recognition as we have not slept in the same bed for years, don’t remember what romance is and argue constantly over who gets ‘me’ time! And as for the career well now it’s a job because being there for school pick up outweighs any salary or prestige. From high flier to bare foot and preggers in no time at all. But they are amazing : their tiny feet, the way they smell, their squeaky voices and the unique things they come out with. And there is no love like it.