So it’s five AM plus change. She went to bed around eight then I got the boys to bed then just as I was getting comfy she woke up around 11 then 1 then 3 then 4. You get the picture.

DH says if I leave him alone to sleep he will be day shift. He always says that but it never really works out like that. DS2 will wake up and wake me up and then I will have to physically get out of bed and badger DH to get up at which point he will moan about being tired and accuse me of whining. In fact any time I am less than skipping through the daisies I am an imperfect mother and any time he gets anything right he is God’s gift. Why oh why do men need their egos massaged and women just have to swallow their pride? Why is it so amazing when a mean does housework but a woman who works is just expected to do it.

I can’t complain though because compared to my friends my DH is domesticated. He does wash up and cook and clean very well. I do the kids. He will play and feed then but I do everything else: night shift, sickies, dress, change, entertain, wash, educate, comfort etc . Thing is I don’t mind because I adore my kids. I love them so much that being with them is a pleasure. But when I have slept for two hours surely, surely I can be ratty and demanding?

On Monday I am supposed to be getting my varicose veins objected. Not sure this will happen unless Gaby is better but if it does then today after catching up on sleep I need to get a bag packed and have a bath. I also need to put away a mountain of clothes, iron stacks of infirm and help Peter and Noah so some homework.

She is falling asleep tbc


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