I do so hate being right. After a night of being up every hour and having only woken DH once in order to get help administering ibuprofen what am I greeted with this morning? The ‘I’m so tired why did you wake me in the night’ lament. Duh I was awake seven times in fact I took baby downstairs for her breakfast at 4. I then watched Bad Moms and had a cup of coffee. But is there any thanks, support, appreciation? Nope. Instead I am told that Mother Teresa and the Dalia lama wouldn’t complain so why me? Seriously? I say thank you for dinner. Again back to the theme men get acknowledgement for any house/baby care whilst women are expected to shoulder it silently. Well that’s bollocks. Yes I am happy to look after my darlings but if I have had approximately 3 hours sleep do not expect me to be chipper and well adjusted! And did he keep the boys downstairs? Did he my arse.

Ao she seemed better this morning and I sent DH off with the trio – Gaby to nana, Peter to a play date and Randall to hunt for newts with daddy. I got some sleep I was so grateful. But then they come back a couple or three hours later and Gaby has a wheeze and a temp and it’s off to nana with the boys this time and I’m three hours in out of hours GP trying to get her temp down.

Its a bacterial infection, may be another bad night but I’m prepared I think. Cancelling the veins tomorrow though. Why? Because when they are sick no matter how we want to right the sexist division of labour babies want their moms and that’s ok by me.


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