You know the signs: but dopey, ratty and cries easily, off her food, maybe a pinprick rash and you’re hoping against hope that it’s teething but then when they clamp their little mouth on your nipple it’s hot! Ah she is unwell and I am not sure how this fits in with the wholes sleep training regime.

Do I relinquish and have her back in the bed or are we both too far on after all it’s been two weeks! Would I now not be attuned to her movements and would it be unsafe? Would she be confused ? I know when I put her back in her cot having just picked her up that she will probably cry and I can’t have a sick baby crying. I want to text my sleep guru but she has just had another baby and I know she will be up to her eyes.

The last 3 days I have been too tired to write a word! It’s been hectic at work and home and I keep meaning to say something but then by the time I have been near the screen I’m ready to drop. I can’t see how anyone ever writes a decent novel with kids. I mean you can pump out X amount of words but will they be good words or just filler? On top of everything we have lost our tres expensive thermometer and I’m tempted to order another but we are slinger I rang tg tax credit people today and they hd the wrong figure for DH income for the last two years.The guy said he would only wait a few mins whilst I searched for DH income tax return. I said I have 3 kids and have been trying to get through to you for a month and we are in hardship you will stay on the line. Seemed to work



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