There is this great story of the above name or similar that I used to read to my now 7 year old. All about how mom is right here even if she is washing up or on the phone. I still need to stay with him till he is virtually asleep though. They all need me so much it is incredibly touching but also very alarming. I don’t remember being as attached to my mum as a kid, it was my dad I idolised. Hard for her and now I am a mum I see this as the hardest job.

I remember my dad and I taking a cosmopolitan quiz where one of the questions was what do you hope your daughter achieves? and he chose good mom not astronaut and me being furious. But now I get it, I really do. And I also respect and adore my mum and we get along famously. Now!

so if they are super attached now does that mean they will wane as adults. I do pray not. I am addicted to my kids. They are insanely cute and say the most brilliant things. I love them beyond words.

Tonight I have woken Gaby again at 11 pm for the feed that I hope sees her through the night. I should probably have had even half an hour in case I’m wrong but I had to watch SAS who dares wins. I can’t get enough of this show because I love to watch these men push themselves to physical limits I can only dream of. I have this squishy tummy that Peter really loves but I would love to shift. I just don’t have the time. I walked for an hour today. I will swim for eight mins tomorrow. I do a smattering of callisthenics and Kung fu/chi gung at times with DH as we bond over it. But I cannot give up sugar. I just realised what a rambling entry this is tonight and I reckon I’m just wiped. I was teaching today and I think I am outa words.



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